there is no breeze on the moon

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there is no breeze on the moon Empty there is no breeze on the moon

Post  iluvowls on Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:37 pm

The piece of the moon hoax theory that I found most convincing was the idea that the America flag was blowing in the wind. The people on the Fox show said that there could be no way that the flag could move on the moon because it is a vacuum. the Myth Busters tested this theory by getting an exact replica of the American flag that was placed in the moons surface, placed it in a vacuum at the NASA headquarters, turned on the vacuum, and moved the flag pole with a device to see if the flag would move around. the flag did move for a long time, appearing to blow as if it were in a breeze. The independent variable in this experiment was the vacuum. The dependent variable is the blowing of the flag. Two things that needed to stay constant were the size of the flag and the fabric of the flag. The conclusion in this experiment was that the flag still moved in the vacuum.

It is important for people, like the people who believe the moon landing was a hoax, to test things before saying that they didn't happen because even though things may not seem true, they can't know that they are or not unless they do an experiment to see for themselves. Trying to prove someone wrong without valid evidence can make people appear stupid and make people lose trust for them. I personally, after watching Conspiracy Theory and Myth Busters, now think that man really did land on the moon. My whole life I have been taught that man landed on the moon, and now, after watching this episode of Myth Busters which busted all of the theories about the moon landing being a hoax, I am totally convinced that there is no way it didn't happen.


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