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Post  calientelabios234 on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:16 am

gamerdude94 wrote:1. I feel that eugenics is a little unethical. It seems kind of barbaric to tell people they cant have kids because their IQ isnt high enough. People have already tried to make a better world by eliminating the "unwanted". In the united states in the 40's people with autism or another mental disorder were castrated so they couldnt have kids. I dont think higher up people on the socioeconomic ladder should get to decide who gets to reproduce based on intelligence.

2. Eugenics may be argued for in many cases but it has some contradictory points. One of the main points of the article is that people with a low IQ have kids with a low IQ. I see many peple whose parents didnt even graduate highschool become engineers or scientists. Another argument against the case of eugenics is the civilization ploy. It states that the smarter the people in civilization the longer it will form. How then do you explain the natives of new guinea. They only have weapons to hunt and have had a civilization for hundreds of years. Case in point eugenics may make some flashy arguments but it is unjust and frankly idiotic to follow.

It is really barbaric to tell someone not to have kids because they are dumb. I believe eugenics is a way to oppress people also. If smart or intelligent people were supposed to dominate then nature would naturally select intelligent people and slowly weed out the dumb ones if it is nesscessary.

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