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really believing this to be true Empty really believing this to be true

Post  tw33tybirdn3rd on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:40 pm

I don’t think we really landed on the moon. From watching this video it has really lead me into believing otherwise. For one it is said that in the many photos that were taken on the moon no stars were found in them even thought they were in space where the stars would be shining bright enough for you to see clearly. The American flag was waving on the moon even though there is no air on the moon to blow it. The little blast crater at the bottom of the Lander was not seen even though there was a strong engine to create one. I think that the United States faked this land on the moon so that it would end the war and the world would be afraid of what we could do. It would have the world thinking, if they were able to land on the moon then what else would they be able to do. I think the NASA had to fake this because they saw what Sputnik had done.
It was said that it was impossible to get on the moon because of the Earth radiation. If anyone was to past through Earths radiation then they would be severely hurt or killed. In order to pass through Earth radiation they would have to have a ship six feet thick and have thicker more protective suites and there was no way that the ship and there suites were anywhere close to that. You wouldn’t know if NASA faked it but it was said that the footage from Apollo 11 is very similar to the movie Capricorn One. It is believe that Apollo 11 was shoot in Area 51, in Nevada where there are building very similar to the movie like studios. How could you hear the astronauts so clearly over what seems to be one of the loudest engines? How is it possible that if Armstrong couldn’t control a Lander on Earth how can the control it on the moon and make a clear landing? If we landed on the Moon, when the Lander was checked how come there was no trace of dust found. When they take off to leave the moon there was no exhaust plum the rocket could have simply been lifted by wires.
Also they said when the pictures were examined they were said to be fake. The camera was designed to move with your body, they were very difficult to operate and so how is it that all the pictures on the moon where so crystal clear. It was proved that there was artificial lighting because there was no flashing on the camera and the shadows of the astronauts’ where in a completely different direction than the rocks on the moon. This was shown in other photos too, but the only source of light out in space was from the sun. In another photo the sun was behind the lunar mogul and the front of the lunar is very clear and the words United States were very clear. In the photos it is also believed that majority of the backgrounds were identical. With the camera that was designed for the trip to the moon the cross hairs were designed to run over the picture and on some of the photos the cross hair was found behind some objects. Twenty percent of Americans believe we never went to the moon and I am now part of that twenty percent. With their motto in the sixties “if you can’t make it fake it” really lead me to believe even more that the trips to the moon are all scandals.


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