this video really made me think!

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this video really made me think! Empty this video really made me think!

Post  iluvowls on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:18 pm

This video brought up great points that could prove that man really didn't land on the moon. I realize that only about 20% of Americans don't think that man landed on the moon; but I strongly believe that the government has the power to brain wash citizens. However, I personally don't know whether I should believe man landed on the moon or not. the things that were brought up in the video that made me wonder if this really happened were that the moon craters looked almost identical to the craters found in area 51 in Nevada, the flag blew like it was in wind on the moon, the astronauts voice was heard even with the rocket blasting off, the astronaut was seen under a large dark shadow, and the shadows were pointed in different directions! This is evidence to me that the lunar landing was definitely a hoax. In NASA's defense, I do not think that the fuzzy filming was part of their plan to cover anything up. I simply think that it was a result of old-fashioned video-taping. Of course this video brings up great points, but I do think that someone could make a video to convince us that man did land on the moon as well.

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this video really made me think! Empty Re: this video really made me think!

Post  tw33tybirdn3rd on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:27 pm

You have a really good point about some one making a video to make us believed that we did land on the moon, but they would have to have very strong evidence and they would have to prove that this video saying it was fake s wrong with every little fact that they did give. So yes you make a good point but yet have they come with a video to prove this video wrong.


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